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Why Choose BRAG Members?

Licensed Builder Members

All our Builder Members are licensed by the State of Michigan. This helps to protect your interests in the home building process. There is a non-litigation dispute resolution mechanism to help customers should a dispute arise. Using our Association’s dispute procedure can help avoid the time and expense of court.


  Complaint Resolution Process

The Complaint Procedure of the Builders and Remodelers Association of Greater Ann Arbor is a service available to association members and the general public. It is designed to aid and reasonably resolve conflicts without the time and expense of going to court. Contact us here to submit your complaint.

The association must receive a written complaint in this form about a member for the association to become involved. When a written complaint is received, a copy is sent to the member urging them to contact the complainant to help resolve the issue. The association does not take sides in any issue, but merely serves as a conduit for communications. We suggest the matter be resolved within twenty-eight (28) days if possible, however, you may contact us at 734-996-0100 with your concerns or submit a Secure Contact Form.


  Local Professionals

Since our inception in 1956, many of our members have become well connected within our communities. While we all like to know we are perpetuating a thriving local economy, we believe there are other implications of working with local professionals that works out better for the consumer for many reasons. For instance, in the areas of home building, remodeling and financing, you may want experts that know the intricacies of our geography, our regulations, our history and present day regional conditions. These factors can all impact your home’s future.

We take pride in the great places we have here in Washtenaw County. This is why we also contribute back to our community with public service projects and charity fundraisers. After all, many of our members are long time residents and small businesses that help to create growth and a prosperous community. In the end, it is all about what works best for you and we hope you’ll find a member of BRAG Ann Arbor that does, and help spread the word.


  Information Sharing

We strive to provide our members with all the information they may need in our Weekly Updates as well as the frequent networking events we hold. News and events from the national level to the township level help our members understand our industry and contribute to it in ways that look out for their customers best interests as well as their own, and perhaps even the world at large.

Our association’s informed perpective has become shaped by the ups and downs of the housing industry. Throughout it all, our members have been building homes and serving Washtenaw County and beyond in a myriad of ways.

Belonging to our association helps the newer members learn from those with decades of experience, and keeps them all informed on the rapidily changing, uniquely challenging home building industry.

Our members are committed to adapting and offering you the best products and services available and put in the effort to participate and support our organization which is based upon getting more done collectively and supporting healthy competition, professional education and trust.

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