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Builder’s License Verification and More

We strongly recommended that you ask for a valid Builder’s License
number and that you verify that it is currently “active”.
Don’t overlook this important step when considering a contractor.
Also be sure to check that they have the appropriate insurance coverage
and any other pertinent training to make sure your property, health,
and finances are not at risk.

Verifying a License

Visit (LARA stands for The Department of Licensing And Regulatory Affairs)
at and enter the individual and/or company name and
select a license type, “Residential Builder”, for instance.

They will be glad you asked!
Licensed builders appreciate when a client requests this, since it allows them to show proof
of their attentive adherence to the law, and reassures them that you are aware of risks and
dangers that may arise from working with unlicensed workers.

Verifying and Understanding Insurance Coverage

We also recommend you request insurance coverage information, and get a clear understanding
and proof that their policies will cover possible accidents on your property in case of an accident
at the work site.

Lead Paint Renovator Certification and Other Considerations

Talk to your contractors about any special training they may have that could be required or relevant
to your property. For instance, to preform most work on homes built before 1978, workers must have
achieved RRP Certification by the EPA, because of serious risks involved with possible lead paint in
building prior to building code changes and regulations put into place 1978.

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